Brain Rehab Protocol License

Learn here what the Brain Rehab Protocol is, and how can you become a licensed trainer, practitioner, or clinic.


 Brain Rehab Research Limited has created and is continuously developing a novel therapeutic intervention program - BRAIN REHAB PROTOCOL (BRP) - for those that suffer from acquired brain injury. There are both adult and child versions of this protocol. 

 All training and treatment in the BRP are based on biometric data collection for which a wide variety of validated tools are being used. Examples of these tools are the latest QEEG technology, pupilometry, saccadometry, eye function assessment tools, posturography, gait analysis, cognitive test batteries. 

 Data collection

 Data from the assessment tools, brain function and status questionnaires, physical, functional neurological, and neuro-orthopedic examinations are combined and analyzed by Arjan Kuipers and colleagues into an individual training and stimulation program for which all the clients receive an individual step-by-step training plan.

 The BRP is unique in that it does not just look at the symptomatology and primary area of impact but that it carefully looks and examines the different layers of in and output to and from the central nervous system as well as other contributing factors, such as previous integrative state and complicating factors before the acquired brain injury (this can be a stroke, head injury or combined whiplash associated disorder and brain trauma, infection, hypoxia)

Components of the BRP training program

 The build-up of the protocol takes the following contributing factors into consideration:

  • Presence of primary movement patterns
  • Core stability
  • Shoulder and hip stability
  • Vestibular integration, both central and peripheral
  • Sensorimotor integration
  • Brain region and network integration
  • Cognitive function 

 In addition epigenetic factors such as 

  • (psychological, chemical, physical)Stress
  • Toxic load
  • Nutritional status

Epigenetic factors together with immune and gastrointestinal health and inflammatory status are also taken into consideration.

Next to the BRP, much emphasis is placed on the improvement and optimization of lifestyle factors, nutritional status, and stress reduction.

Brain Rehab Protocol Licence

We licence the BRP in two ways:

  1. Rental of appropriate assessment equipment (as indicated by Brain rehab research Limited) and clinic license for data collection, analysis, and the formation and execution of individual training protocols. This is a 5000 Euro monthly rental fee for the equipment. Basic Protocol license starts at a 1000 Euro monthly fee which includes five analyses and individual protocol plans. Any additional analysis and plan formation costs 200 Euro’s per analysis and personal plan.
  2. Appropriate testing equipment is purchased by license holders themselves (as indicated by Brain rehab research Limited). This license gives access to the use of the BRP and analysis of individuals data for the purpose of making and executing an individual protocol. This Protocol license starts at a 1000 Euro monthly fee which includes five analyses and individual protocol plans. Any additional analysis and plan formation costs 200 Euro’s per analysis and personal plan.

Initial training to become licensed

Any person using the BRP training needs to be fully educated on its application and background. This can be done online, but is preferably conducted in the form of a week (6 day) training in our clinic in Cyprus with additional online training (additional 4 days). This is the mandatory initial training for anyone who is licensed to use the BRP. Group discount (for bigger clinics) applies for 5 persons or more, working in the same setting with the BRP.. Initial training will be set at 2950 Euro in this case. Individuals doing the initial training will pay 4900 for the initial training and be fully licensed after passing written and practical exams.

Yearly update training

Every year mandatory update training (1-2 days) will be given in our clinic in Cyprus, individuals not able to attend in person will have to review recordings and will be given an assessment at the end.

Please note that the first possibility for license training in Cyprus will take place in the autumn of 2022


Anyone interested in becoming a licensed Brain rehab Protocol clinic, practitioner, and/or renting assessment and training equipment please contact: 

[email protected] 

Global Brain Rehab Protocol Training in NetherlandsCyprus, USA and and soon in Germany. 

Click on the country of interest for more information. protocol can be licenced to your center as well.

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