Arjan Kuipers

Owner: Brain Rehab Research Ltd

Born in the Netherlands, chiropractor/ functional neurologist (educated in the UK and USA), who developed a passion for brain-related issues because his mother suffered from brain stem migraines (heavy shaking, slumping and the inability to speak) after a series of head injuries. 

When he found out that his own daughter, after not being able to speak for the first six years, had autism, he doubled his efforts over the next years looking into developmental problems of the brain in children with learning and behavioral problems.

His publications include the Help! My Child has ADHD/Autism book, “20 Top Questions Every Parent Should Ask About ADHD/Autism”, the "Single Most Overlooked Problem in Back Patients".


1988-1992 AECC University College, Bachelor, Doctor of Chiropractic (United Kingdom) 

1995-1997 Life Chiropractic College West,  Postdoctoral  chiropractic neurology DACNB (USA)

1998-2020 Carrick Institute, Post doctoral education in clinical neuro science en Clinical neurology study leading to Masters in Clinical Neuroscience (USA)

Zie ook: Carrick institute,,  AECC university college,  IAFNR

Work experience (30 years):

UK: AECC outpatient clinic

The Netherlands: Chiropractie Kuipers, Brain and Spine Rehab

Norway: Klinikk for Alle 

Cyprus: Brain Rehab Research , Brain and Spine Rehab

Hobbies: fly fishing, skating, reading, nature

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